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Legal Online Roulette Sites

Legal Online Roulette

The question often arises with Canadian players trying to find out if legal online roulette games actually exist. The problem when trying to answer that is the legality of Canada's gaming websites falls under something of a legal gray area.

Are Canadian Roulette Games Legal?

When considering the nationwide situation, the Canadian government has not expressly said that online gamblingis legal. This means that players trying to find roulette online that is legal will struggle to find any definitive answers.

For the most part, players are turning to their provinces for clarity. For example, in Canada the provinces of Quebec and British Columbia have offered up online sites to play legal roulette games. In other provinces it is not expressly illegal to play.

At a Glance:

  • Online roulette is legal in some parts of Canada, and a gray area in other parts.
  • The Criminal Code of Canada has sections that discuss gambling.
  • Quebec and British Columbia have legalized forms of online gaming.
  • We bring you the latest legal online roulette news as it breaks.
  • Tax laws mean it's possible that you won’t have to report your winnings.
  • Choose the best legit casino sites if you're playing outside your province.
  • Our Canadian team has found the best legal online roulette sites.

What Laws Apply to Online Roulette in Canada?

The Criminal Code of Canada states that it is illegal to operate a "betting house" or to be found in one, but there is no clarity about whether an online casino also qualifies as a betting house. The same code, in Section 207, expressly states that provinces can run forms of gambling, but there is nothing specific to roulette.

In 2012, laws were passed, both in British Columbia and Quebec, that allowed online gaming, and in B.C. they have already launched a virtual casino exclusively to residents there. If you happen to be in B.C., it's quite easy to find roulette online that is legal. In other provinces, there's no specific legal clarity either way.

Keeping Clear on the Legit Situation

We constantly check the laws and update our pages accordingly. By staying on top of online roulette legal happenings in Canada, we are able to keep our readers informed so that they can make the best decisions when looking for legal online roulette sites. Be sure to check our site regularly because we update the pages when any new developments emerge.

Do I Need to Pay Taxes On Legal Online Roulette?

Most people are of the opinion that gambling winnings - be it earned online or in live casinos - are not subject to taxes according to the Income Tax Act. It's expected that the Canada Revenue Agency will weigh in on the debate and lay down the law soon enough, but for now be sure to consult with a tax professional for absolute clarity.

"Online roulette laws are constantly evolving and bouncing around just like the ball on the wheel, meaning it's best to review your province or territory's specific legal status before making your first cash deposit."

Always Do Some Due Diligence on International Legit Roulette Sites

Players in Canada looking for legal online roulette games may have to search for international gaming websites to play on.

The good news is that there are literally thousands of places to play. The bad news is that it's sometimes hard to know who's legit and who isn't.

All sites should have a legal license to operate from within the country they are located, be it Costa Rica, Gibraltar, or anywhere else that allows online gaming. Also, they should post the results of an independent security audit from a trusted source on their site.

To find roulette online that is legal from a reputable international site, check out our list of recommended web-based casinos. These are the best sites to play on and have been completely checked out by our team of professionals.

The Future of Gaming Laws in Canada

While nobody knows for certain what the gaming laws will be and if legal online roulette will be available in all provinces, the trend is improving across the entire nation.

It seems that Canadian citizens on the whole are for this form of gaming and the nation favourably looks at it as a legit form of tax income to fund social programs and schools. Soon enough, perhaps during 2017, we expect all provinces to pass laws allowing online roulette legal gaming.

Want to Play Legal Roulette? Follow our Guide

Our team of experts has many years of experience playing at both land-based and online casinos. We test and compare dozens of legal online roulette sites to determine which the best ones are operating today.

We make sure that as a Canuck gambling fan you can enjoy a safe and secure place to play, comfortable in the knowledge that your funds and personal data are safe. If you want to play legal roulette at a top audited legit site in Canada in 2017, follow our recommended and trusted links and earn yourself a top real money bonus when you sign up.

Legal FAQ

Is online roulette legal in Canada?

Online roulette is a sketchy law in Canada, but players have little to be concerned about as Canadian parliament hasn't specifically outlawed online gambling. That being said, certain provinces including Quebec and British Columbia now offer avenues for residents to participate in online casino games including roulette.

Do I need to pay taxes on my winnings?

According to the Income Tax Act, most Canucks are not required to pay tax on any gambling or roulette winnings as it's considered a form of simple recreation and enjoyment. However, we recommend consulting with a tax expert in your specific jurisdiction for full clarity of the law.

Should I play in Canadian Dollars?

Yes, for several reasons. First of all, you're going to incur issues if you try to make a deposit from Canada to an online casino and then request the money be converted into another currency. This is because many online casinos aren't physically based in Canada but recognize your location and wish to believe you prefer gambling in your native currency.
Another reason to play in C$ is the fact that exchanging currency involves fees, and online those charges can be rather high. Keep your Canadian dollars Canadian!

What are the best sites?

The best sites can be found right here on our Canadian roulette guide. Our team of Canucks have been playing Internet roulette since its inception, and today we're dedicated to growing the market by helping novice online gamblers find their way to a legal, safe, secure, and welcoming atmosphere for their iGambling.

What variations are popular?

Both the American and European versions of online roulette are widely available at legal Canadian online casinos, providing a similar structure but with the key difference being the Euro format doesn't include the 00, meaning better odds.

Is the game rigged?

Roulette is truly a game of chance and is not rigged. In fact, the online roulette casinos we've backed are all routinely tested by independent monitoring and random number generator applications. Roulette has a much higher chance of being compromised at land-based casinos from rogue criminals using magnets to attract the spinning ball to certain numbers, or simply from the wheel aging and not being perfectly sound in structure.

How can I spot a safe site?

There are several clues we look for when reviewing an online roulette site in Canada. Do they have the latest safeguards and technological features? Do they incorporate 128-bit SSL digital encryption technology? Are the sites being audited for fair play? We're the leading team when it comes to digging deep to find these answers. If we don't discover what we believe is essential to protecting your online casino data, they won't be listed on our guide.