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Why is Roulette so Addictive?

At a Glance:

  • Playing online Roulette is a lot of fun and that's why it's a highly popular casino pick.
  • American Roulette is a favoured game type, but different options exist.
  • Learn the rules before risking real money.
  • Use the free tables to learn to play properly
  • Take time to learn about the difference between live and online roulette.
Addictive Roulette

People have been playing roulette for centuries. Online and off, in Canada and all over the world, gamblers just can't get enough of it. The appeal of roulette lies in at least two things:

  • The chance to beat the house
  • The chance to beat the machine

The first of these is pretty obvious. People play at casinos because they hope, against all odds, that they will get on a lucky streak and do the unthinkable–beat the house and take home a huge real cash prize.

As for the second, humans don't like the idea that a computer or some other mechanical device can outsmart them. We like to think of ourselves as the top dogs, able to think our way out of any situation. No matter how many times it's explained that past spins don't affect future spins in the game of roulette, we still feel like we should be able to use streaks or systems to outsmart a spinning wheel.

Betting Strategies

There are all sorts of strategies you can employ when playing roulette. These include, to name a few:

Most of these are progressive betting systems, which means the value of your next bet hinges on the result of the previous bet. For example, your bet is doubled after a loss in the case of the Martingale system (or after a win in the case of the Reverse Martingale). We've intimated countless times that past spins don't affect those that come after, so relying on them to do so is a risky strategy even if it does often pay off in the short term.

No system works 100% of the time, though some of them will help you stretch your bankroll for longer than flat betting. On the other hand, they'll wipe it out quicker if you get a run of bad luck. We're sad to say that there's no alternative for flat betting and a healthy dose of luck.

"Even though Canadian roulette comes with plenty of betting options to pick from, learning the game is simple and fast, but becoming a master of it takes time and practice."

Beating The System

There are techniques out there that you can use to predict where the ball will land, including analysing how the dealer spins the wheel, how the ball bounces after it has stopped spinning or whether the wheel seems to repeatedly give the same results. However, these methods are extremely difficult to employ and don't apply in an online casino unless you're watching a live dealer spinning a real wheel.

Some of these methods were demonstrated by magician Derren Brown in a live UK television special called How to Take Down a Casino, but Brown was ultimately only able to predict the slot next to the winning number. This is still fairly impressive, but obviously it wouldn't do you much good in a real casino.

The Growth Of Online Roulette

The interesting thing about online roulette is that there's no longer the pressure to get all your bets in before the croupier spins the wheel. This means that players are free to tool around with the thousands of possible bet combinations without needing to hurry to do so.

As a result, new betting systems and tactics are popping up almost daily. Some are better than others, but it's extremely unlikely than any of them will ever truly beat the system. Not that that fact will stop people trying!

Skilled mathematicians and casino punters alike have been trying to best the game of roulette for hundreds of years and no-one's managed it yet. We believe that it's this unreachable goal that keeps so many players placing their bets and spinning that wheel. We can't blame you for wanting to join them.