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Comparison of Roulette vs Blackjack Games

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  • There are differences between live and online games, learn them.
Roulette vs Blackjack

On the face of it, blackjack and roulette don't seem to have much in common. One involves cards and facing off against a dealer, the other involves placing bets on a spinning wheel. However, there are a few ways in which the games are similar as well as plenty of others in which they're different.

In this page, we'll talk a little about the differences between the games and which one you might prefer depending on your style of play. It's worth pointing out that on this page we're talking about standard blackjack. Most of the top casinos now offer a wide range of blackjack variations, which feature different side bets, use different rules and have a different house edge to the standard game.

Similarities Between Roulette And Blackjack

One thing both games have in common is that, being table games, their odds are much better than something like slots. Blackjack requires more skill, or perhaps knowledge is a better word, than roulette but you can expect to play either game for longer than if you sit down at a slot machine or to play keno.

Differences Between Roulette And Blackjack

The odds of roulette are the same every time the wheel is spun. Previous spins have no impact on future results. In blackjack, however, the odds of receiving certain cards changes as cards are dealt. Advantage play, such as counting cards, isn't easy but it can be used to get some insight into what the future holds. There's no way of doing that in roulette.

Advantages Of Roulette Over Blackjack

Roulette has many more different bets available than blackjack. In the latter all you can do is win even money or lose your initial stake–unless you split, double or receive natural blackjack, that is. In roulette, however, you can make even money bets, place bets on 2 to 1 odds and make some serious cash placing inside bets on individual numbers. This variety keeps the game from getting boring.

Playing blackjack effectively relies on players understanding basic strategy and knowing what to do with each hand they receive based on the dealer's face-up card(s). If you don't know all of this information off by heart, or keep it within reach if you're playing online, you'll probably find yourself losing more hands than you should be. Unless you're prepared to arm yourself with this information, roulette might be a better choice.

"Canuck Roulette is complex to master, but simple to learn, it's a game of many bet options and plenty of different strategies to use to your advantage."

Disadvantages Of Roulette Compared With Blackjack

With a standard figure of around 0.3%, blackjack's house edge is much better than that of roulette–which is over 2% for European and almost double that for American. This means that the odds of winning a hand in blackjack, when proper strategy is used, is much closer to 50/50 than roulette. Many people forget about the 0 and 00 slot, which means that even money bets in blackjack are worse than 50/50.

Roulette is a true game of chance. Once you've placed your bets, everything depends on the way the wheel spins. At least in blackjack you have some control over your own destiny, as you can choose to hit, stand, split etc. Some players find the loss of that control when playing roulette a little unsettling.

Blackjack is a naturally fast-paced game. Get on a losing streak, and you might find yourself burning through your bankroll very quickly. Provided you're careful, it's unlikely that you'll do the same when playing roulette. If you're able to make sound decisions based on detailed knowledge of a game, you'll love blackjack. If that sounds like a hassle, and you'd like to play something that's simple and requires no expert knowledge, go with roulette instead.