The Andrucci Roulette System

Andrucci Roulette

This roulette system relies on a combination of high risk, high reward bets and the mathematical probability of the chaos theory to pick lucky numbers. It requires you to take note of frequently recurring numbers during a session of 30 to 37 rounds of roulette. Then, select the 'hot' numbers for your next wager. If you have a knack for picking lucky numbers, give this system a shot playing free roulette. And if it’s working for you, see if your strategy carries over when playing real money roulette.

Where did This System Originate?

Gamblers have come up with systems for predicting lucky numbers since roulette was invented. Modern models, such as the Andrucci system, rely on principles of physics. While applying the theory of chaos to the roulette table has many gamblers' ringing endorsement, there hasn't been any concrete evidence to support its success.

However, according to Chaos: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Nonlinear Science, tableside observations of consistently favored numbers have been known to provide higher odds, as much as 18%, when playing in brick-and-mortar casinos. This is due to the occurrence of 'slanted tables.'

How To Employ the Andrucci System

The Andrucci system follows these basic rules:

  1. Observe and record the numbers selected during a cycle of about 30 to 35 spins. If you don't have a photographic memory or you are not playing at an online roulette casino, then record the numbers.
  2. The ball typically favors some numbers more than others. Choose a number that is the luckiest.
  3. It's time to make a straight up bet on your lucky number.
  4. Stick with it for 15 to 25 spins or until you achieve a win. If you have chosen well, this will be within the first 34 spins for a profit or 35 to break even when playing roulette for real money.
  5. Go back to the start and observe again for another cycle as it's best to keep with a lucky number only short term for maximum profit potential.

Compatible Bets for the Andrucci System

For this particular roulette system, a 'straight up' bet is best. Simply, place your wager on a single number in hopes that it will be selected in the next spin. Straight up bets payout 35/1 making them the most profitable out of all possible roulette bets.

An easy way to record the past-spin info is with a histogram. This is a graph that you can fill in with Xs as each number appears.

Click on the images below to get a printable histogram, and see how a sample is filled out.

    printable sample

A Tableside View of the Andrucci System

Now that you know the fundamentals, let's take a look at how this plays out at the table.

  • You stand at the tableside and simply observe the numbers as the wheel spins. You record them. The results look something like the histogram above.
  • The most frequently occurring numbers are 1, 8 and 15. You go with 15 black, because it has appeared 3 times so far, and you feel it still has some magic left.
  • Placing a C$5 wager on 15 black, you let the wheel spin and wait. 8 rounds later you are down $40 when the ninth round reveals your lucky number! A payout of 35/1 for a C$5 wager amounts to $175. Taking your C$40 loss out leaves you with a C$135 net profit.

Of course, several alternate scenarios exist. This one uses only one hot number and depicts an ideal circumstance. Some players wager on more than one lucky number at a time selecting the top two or three most frequently recurring.

The Logic Behind The Andrucci System

Let's get down to the mathematical details. If you never had to sleep, eat, go to work or worry about your bankroll running dry, you could take the roulette wheel for thousands of spins. Eventually, the number of times the ball landed in each pocket would even out proving that there is the same chance of any number being selected at any time.

That's where the chaos theory comes in. It shows that there are unequal variations in the short term. The 'Raindrop Metaphor' is sometimes used to explain the inner workings of this physics theory, and it carries over nicely to roulette.

Think about the start of a nice spring shower. Right at the start of the storm, you look down at the sidewalk and see some dark, wet spots forming from the first few raindrops to fall.

As the rain begins to fall faster, the same spots continue to grow as they get hit over and over again, yet still many dry spots remain. In some instances, it can take a few minutes for the ground to become completely soaked because raindrops keep landing in the same places. After millions of raindrops have fallen, the ground becomes evenly soaked, but before that happens, some points on the ground appeared to be favored.

So it is with spins in roulette. Over time every number is covered but in the short-term you will find peaks and troughs in the numbers that actually are hit.

"The Andrucci method requires gamblers to take note of hot numbers and wager on them. Online casinos offer the advantage of displaying the entire spin history, whereas, brick-and-mortar casinos offer the advantage of anomalies such as 'slanted tables' that can give an 18% advantage."

What are the Advantages?

The potential payout is a major advantage of this particular system. Straight up bets are the highest paying, and the Andrucci system exploits the short-term recurrence of hot numbers. Of course, nothing is guaranteed, however, many experienced gamblers report that this system has worked well time and again.

Things to Watch Out For

This is a high-risk, high reward system. As illustrated earlier, the long-term mathematical probability doesn't support this strategy, so it is best used short-term only.

The Andrucci system also relies more heavily on an individual's intuition and luck. Just because a number has recurred frequently, doesn't mean that it will be selected in the next 35 rounds. Use your best judgment when deciding the number of rounds to play. Roulette is a game of chance and nothing is guaranteed!

Lucky Numbers Variation

This variation is similar to the Andrucci system as it is a method for picking lucky numbers. However, the method of selection of those numbers is much more random. You must pick at least 5 to 7 lucky numbers to increase the odds of getting a win up to 18.93%. The most obvious downside to this method is the potential for big losses in a short amount of time.

Does the Andrucci System Actually Work?

While physicists have proven that recording numbers at 'slanted tables' can improve your chance to choose the next winning number, the chaos theory has little evidence to support similar success. That doesn't mean it won't work for you or that you won't have success with it. Seasoned gamblers have had positive personal experiences using this system. It really comes down to each individual's instincts and luck.

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Always Gamble Responsibly

  • Like any system, the Andrucci system may not be best suited to players that struggle with setting personal limits and chasing losses.
  • Choose a budget, and let that take precedence over your personal goals for winning.
  • Limit the time you spend using this system keeping it only short term.
  • Never rely on any roulette system for guaranteed winnings. Roulette is a game of chance!

Is This the System for You?

If you have a knack for selecting lucky numbers and enough savvy to know how many rounds to play before moving on, then this system would make a good fit. It also helps to have a clear understanding of the cost before committing as it can take several rounds to make a profit. If this system intrigues you, take it for a spin at your favourite casino!