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The Andrucci Roulette System

Andrucci Roulette

The Andrucci System is a betting strategy designed for roulette but it can be applied to other games of 'chance' too, and a form of the system has even been used for predicting Lotto numbers.

The Andrucci System seems counter-intuitive at first glance and really only became accepted after some exciting breakthroughs in the study of Chaos Theory.

While some of the more traditional roulette systems like the D'Alembert System track past spins and then tell you to avoid betting on those numbers, the Andrucci turns that logic on its head and tells you to do just the opposite.

How To Employ the Andrucci System

When using the Andrucci System in roulette, you'll want to look at the last twenty to thirty spins. In some casinos, this information will be clearly displayed on a screen (and if not, just jot the numbers down on a piece of paper) while all online casinos will display a full spin history.

An easy way to record the past-spin info is in a histogram. This is a graph that you can fill in with Xs as each number appears. After two dozen spins or so, it should become apparent which number is appearing the most regular.

Click on the images below to get a printable histogram, and see how a sample is filled out.

    printable sample

Once you look at the histogram and see a couple of numbers that really stand out, you can then make a decision. You'll have to go with your gut when deciding if a number just peaked (to a certain degree), if it's on the way back down, or if it will be the next lucky number that you are looking for.

Once you decide upon a number, stick with it for at least fifteen bets, if not more. Remember, you only have to get a win within your first thirty-six tries to break even. Once you get a win, it's up to you to decide if you want to stick with the number or move on, but after a run of four or five relatively close wins it's probably smart to pick your next lucky number.

The Logic Behind The Andrucci System

In the long run, after tens of thousands of spins, most of the numbers on the roulette wheel will have appeared approximately the same number of times. This makes sense because the ball has an equal chance of landing in each of the 37 or 38 pockets.

In the real world though, most players are not going to sit at the tables for months on end - even gamblers have other things to do - and this is where the Andrucci System comes into its own! When you look at the numbers after say, two hundred spins, the numbers are not distributed normally; there is always some unexplained variation.

If you could have seen into the future, you would have known that making straight up bets on just one or two of these lucky numbers would have yielded a pretty pig profit. Since these bets pay out 35/1, if a number appears more than one spin out of 36, you will make money.

The Andrucci System attempts to pick these "lucky numbers" based on past results. Statistically, in the time it takes to get every number to appear at least one time, one other number will have come up eight times! The Andrucci System just tries to identify, and use, that lucky number.

"One of the more popular betting systems utilized, the Andrucci method encourages gamblers to track hot numbers and bet on them. With online casinos clearly displaying the entire spin history, there's no better casino than the one online to employ the Andrucci method."

The Raindrop Metaphor

The ‘Raindrop Metaphor' is sometimes used to explain the ideas at work in Chaos Theory, and it carries over nicely to roulette.

Think about the start of a nice spring shower. Right at the start of the storm, you look down at the sidewalk and see some dark, wet spots forming from the first few raindrops to fall.

As the rain begins to fall faster, the same spots continue to grow as they get hit over and over again, yet still many dry spots remain. In some instances, it can take a few minutes for the ground to become completely soaked because raindrops keep landing in the same places. After millions of raindrops have fallen, the ground becomes evenly soaked, but before that happens, some points on the ground appeared to be favoured.

So it is with spins in roulette. Over time every number is covered but in the short-term you will find peaks and troughs in the numbers that actually are hit.

Does the Andrucci System Actually Work?

Like all roulette systems, the Andrucci System will lose out in the long run. Quite simply, the odds are stacked against you. Does it work in the short term? Well, it certainly can; gamblers have reported short-term success using the strategy.

You might be thinking, "Hey, if I can pick out the lucky numbers, then how can I lose in the long run?". That would be true if you could always pick the lucky numbers. Sadly, however, this system still leaves some things up to Lady Luck.

Despite the parameters of a typical roulette wheel (one ball, 37 or 38 spots), the fall of the ball is totally random. It could come up 36 Red 20 times in a row, 50 times in a row, but there's no real ‘memory' or pattern that the wheel adheres to.

Ultimately, the Andrucci System gives a sense of order to your roulette play, and it can help you narrow down your choices when looking for the best the straight-up bets. On the other hand, don't expect it to make you a millionaire; roulette is still a game of chance.

Try the Andrucci For Yourself

Despite the relatively prohibitive house edge that roulette carries, or the inherent randomness of events, in real life there are always winners who get lucky. If you think you have what it takes, now is the time to act.