iPad Roulette Online

iPad Roulette

It is no secret that tech geeks are in love with Apple's iPad tablet, thanks to both the quality of the hardware and the Apple iOS operating system (if perhaps not the price).

In Canada, it is possible to play online roulette on iPad devices for real money, courtesy of one of the many popular Internet casinos operating there. Here we examine the benefits of iPad roulette casinoss, tell you about some of the downsides, discuss why you should go for a native app if possible, and tell you how our team has found the best websites to play on.

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Benefits of Roulette Online for Apple iPad Devices

There are many benefits to playing online roulette on iPad devices. First, the interface is great as the screen is much larger than a smartphone while still maintaining the portability that a regular computer or even a laptop cannot offer.

Second, roulette online for Apple iPad is a great way to keep your game and betting systems sharp if you find yourself on the road or want to have a few spins sat in front of the TV.

Finally, roulette for iPad is great for getting extra wagers in in order to speed up the release of that top real money deposit bonus.

At a Glance:

  • There are a lot of benefits to playing iPad roulette.
  • Canadian players should choose the most trusted casinos.
  • Try to play on sites that offer an iPad app from the Apple iOS app store.
  • Playing roulette on iPads comes with some disadvantages for Canuck players.
  • We found the best Canadian casinos by testing dozens of websites.

Choose The Best Sites

Always play roulette for iPad on the best Apple sites rated in our list of recommended casinos, which guarantee the safest and most secure experience possible. Not all online casinos are created or managed the same, and by choosing one outside of our top links, you run the risk of having your funds, wagers, and identity compromised. Even if you are playing via an Apple iOS device, you should not discount the security measures taken from an online casino.

"Mobile gaming is the way of the future for online gambling, but those smartphone screens are just too tiny. With the Apple iPad, the Canadian iGambling experience is compatible to desktop roulette, but with the option to spin on the go."

Native Apps are Better Than No Download Apple iOs Options

If at all possible, try to use an Internet casino's native app whenever you want to play roulette online on iPad devices. A native application available in the Apple App Store will be specially optimized for your tablet, making sure the layout and user experience is precisely designed for your iPad.

Playing in a web browser through a "no download" option or even streaming from a desktop will result in a lessened gaming experience because the software is intended for a desktop computer. However, an instant play option is still perfectly fine for Canadian players who don't want to download a hefty client to their Apple tablet.

Disadvantages of Online Roulette on iPad

All Canadian players should be aware of a few disadvantages that can lessen the experience when playing online roulette via an iPad. First, iPad online roulette sites are typically embedded within the global casino software, so players will have to log into the casino first and then load up roulette tables. It's a minor roadblock, but one that players from Canada should be aware of before playing.

Second, online roulette on iPad Wi-Fi or cellular connections could be disrupted if your signal loses power or gets cut-off altogether. This might result in some lag while playing, or even being completely disconnected from the web casino.

We Find the Best Casinos For Canadians

If you are in Canada and want to experience exciting roulette for iPad tablets, you are in the right place because our team has done the hard work for you.

Our experts test and compare dozens of top iPad online roulette sites to find the places with the best graphics, good customer support, great range of games, and top bonuses.

No matter where you are in Canada, you will find the best roulette online for Apple iPad devices right here. Download an app today or find a No Download casino for your tablet and start winning right away.


Is the iPad a good platform for online roulette?

iPad is great for practically everything you can possibly take care of while on the go and using a tablet. No device on the market today is capable of handling more data requests than the iPad Apple device, making it the perfect choice for Canadian online roulette players who aren't bound to their desktop computers.  

What models are supported?

As long as you keep your tablet up to date with the latest version of iOS, most casinos should be capable of operating on your iPad device. Keep in mind that native apps are generally better than using the web version.

Should I play using a site or app?

Apps are almost always better when using an Apple product, and that especially holds true for iPad. Casinos are slowly moving towards catering to the Apple iPad crowd, but it's taking time. The Apple tablet is capable of running Flash casinos, but your best bet is to download the specific online casino app from the App Store in iTunes.

What games are popular/recommended?

Blackjack, video poker, slots, roulette, you name it! It's 2015, and the leading Internet casinos are no longer simple platforms with a handful of games. The websites we recommend come with hundreds and hundreds of offerings making your iPad a portable device that will never go stale in excitement.

How instantly are winnings paid?

To receive your iGambling winnings, you'll first need to schedule a withdrawal from your online casino. Depending on your preferred site and withdrawal method, these can be take anywhere from minutes to several days. Take a look at our online casino and online roulette reviews for withdrawal specifics for each network.

How do I find the best apps?

We already did that for you. Peruse our recommended directory of Canadian online roulette casinos and we'll point you in the right direction for the website's native app.

Can I play for free?

Nearly all of the time the answer to that question is an emphatic yes. All the top-rated iPad roulette casinos offer free money play, but be warned free games often come with better odds for players to entice them to step up to the next level.