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At a Glance:

  • Our team consists of Canadian online roulette players and experts with decades of experience playing and analysing roulette varieties
  • We’re not only professionals, we’re players – we want to share the game we love with you
  • We have a comprehensive and thorough review process, giving you the best value and the most information about online roulette in Canada
  • If you want to play roulette online in Canada, there's no better place to be than here – we look out for our fellow Canadians and recommend the best sites

Who We Are

We’re professionals, we’re players, and we’re here to help you.

At, we're dedicated online casino professionals and massive online roulette fans and gambling enthusiasts. Between us, we have the better part of a century of online casino and gambling experience.

Most of us cut our teeth in live casinos, but we were all keen to jump on board the booming online casino industry. We want to give you the best information about online roulette promotions and offers to ensure our fellow Canadians can play the best games.

Meet Our Team!

CEO Gill Carrigan

Gill Carrigan

Our CEO, Gill Carrigan, never stops fighting. He’s constantly working to improve our roulette review process and ensure that every reader knows exactly where they stand when it comes to choosing a new online casino.

John Barquay Promotions Manager

John Barquay

John is our promotions manager and he’s always keeping an ear or two out for new ways to give Canadian online roulette players the best value. Wherever any new online roulette promotion rears its head, John will come quickly.

Martin Smith Accounts Manager

Martin Smith

Accounts manager and family man Martin Smith knows where every penny is going and how to best spend it in order to make our online roulette review process as comprehensive and efficient as can be.

Our Review Process

Perhaps the most important part of our work is thoroughly and comprehensively reviewing all of the online casinos that provide online roulette in Canada.

Our dedicated team of core staff plus a wide range of freelancers across the country are all committed to reviewing and analysing every single online casino, rating them on a range of factors.

We have a sophisticated review process that takes into account all kinds of factors to give you the most accurate ranking system for online casinos in Canada. Not only that, but our rankings are constantly refined and updated to always give you the latest information.

Game Variety

There are countless varieties of online roulette and in this day and age there’s no excuse for a top online casino not to offer a wide range of different roulette games at various stakes.

Bonuses & Promotions

Whether it’s a generous welcome gift to new online casino players in Canada or a loyalty scheme that keeps you coming back, the best online casinos have great bonuses and promotions.

Mobile Compatibility

A modern online roulette player needs a modern online casino and the best ones today have stellar mobile offers. We don’t just check out their site, but we’ll thoroughly review their mobile casino as well.

Speedy Banking

Roulette is a fast-paced game for those with a fast-paced lifestyle, and you don’t want to wait weeks to see your money. We try out all the available payment methods and see if they’re up to scratch.


We play roulette online to have a good time, and how can we if we’re worrying about the safety of our funds or personal information? We always look at a site’s security in-depth and make sure it’s nothing less than perfect.

Customer Support

Nothing is more frustrating than bad customer support, and all of the top online casinos in Canada have top-notch service from fellow Canadians that ensures speedy response times and competent assistance.

Looking Out for Our Fellow Canadians

Whether you’re spinning the online roulette wheel out of BC, Quebec, or Ontario we’re looking out for you to get you the best value and give you the best online casino experience.

Our team of experts is made up exclusively of Canadians like you, and we want to be watchdogs for our fellow CA residents and give them the best bang for their buck.

We’ll deposit our own cash to review online casinos – we’re happy to take risks with our money so you don’t have to with yours. If we have a bad experience with deposits, withdrawals, customer support or anything else then we’ll let you know.

"Whether it’s a generous welcome gift to new online casino players in Canada or a loyalty scheme that keeps you coming back, the best online casinos have great bonuses and promotions."

Blacklisted Sites

By the time a site makes it to the review stage, we’ve already deposited, played all the games, spoken to customer support, and done everything else an online casino customer might do.

That means that if we have trouble with our cash, support turns out terrible or the games are glitchy then we’ll let you know. We won’t hesitate to add a site to our blacklist and we’ll never recommend a site that is less than top quality.

Contact Us

Want to know if one roulette online casino is better than another? Not sure how to activate that 100% bonus? Worried that a site's RNG might not be 100% legit?

Don't worry - if you have a question or comment, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team at [email protected]

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