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OnlineRoulette.ca - About Our Team

At a Glance:

  • Our team is made up of Canadian online roulette players that have dozens of years of experience in the gaming industry.
  • Our team has a comprehensive review process to break down all the major and minor features of CA gambling sites so that we can rate each one to find the best.
  • We look after our fellow Canadian players and bring you only the best sites.
  • Got a query? Contact our team of experts for a straight roulette answer!

Who We Are

Who are we? We at OnlineRoulette.ca are a team of dedicated professionals and gambling enthusiasts who have been playing online betting games for years.

While many of us got our start in the land-based casino business, most of us have been working with online casinos for the better part of ten or more years. Our main goal is to provide relevant insider information about online gaming to our readers and to ensure our fellow Canuck web gamblers are informed about the very best betting sites to play on.

Our Review Process

One of the most important aspects of the work we do here is to constantly review all of the Internet gambling sites providing roulette online to players in Canada. We have a dedicated staff that goes through every single website and rates them on a whole range of factors. We won't bore you with the algorithms involved in our review process, suffice to say we are able to leverage our comprehensive industry experience to be the definitive source for roulette casino rankings anywhere on the net.

Some of the major factors that we test on include site security, safety, which licenses they hold, welcome bonuses, customer support, number of games offered, and withdrawal and deposit speed and reliability. We rely on our own independent audits for security and test for any potential security vulnerabilities, while at the same time verifying the status of all SSL certificates invoked during the gaming process.

So, what do you get at the end? The most accurate ranking system for Internet casino sites offering roulette to players in Canada, that's what. What's more, our rankings are constantly updated, so be sure to visit us often to see who is on top. Perhaps that online casino with great customer support isn't so good anymore, and that 200% deposit bonus has mysteriously vanished from our #1 choice. If something changes, we'll let you know.

"Without a horse in the race, our team of roulette professionals consistently monitor the sites we recommend for fair and secure play, and regularly evaluate and test networks before receiving our stamp of approval."

Looking Out for Our Fellow Canadians

Whether you're in BC, Quebec or Ontario, we're looking out for you. Our team of experts is made up of Canadian players just like you, and our goal is to be watchdogs for fellow Canucks that want to get the best online gambling experience possible.

We deposit our own loonies on various Internet casinos so we're taking risks with our own cash to make sure you don't. If that customer support has us up at all hours because it's based on the other side of the world, we'll make sure we know so you can avoid a site like the plague.

And with so many provinces miles apart in terms of online roulette legislation, we'll make sure you're up to speed on the latest legal developments.

Gambling is a fun way to spend some of your spare hours. It's important though to make sure it doesn't become an issue for you. If you worry about your own or someone else's gambling, visit the Canadian Problem Gambling site for more information.

Contact Us

Want to know if one roulette online casino is better than another? Not sure how to activate that 100% bonus? Worried that a site's RNG might not be 100% legit? Don't worry - if you have a question about our site, one of the casinos we have featured, or about gaming in general, do not hesitate to fire over your queries. Contact us here: Contact Email

We're gaming experts, but we're also fanatics and love to play all different varieties of roulette, and we want you to have as enjoyable a time online as possible. Finding a good online roulette site just got a bit easier, thanks to OnlineRoulette.ca.