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Online Roulette FAQ

Many Canadians are hearing about the incredible action and thrill that online casinos offer at their roulette games and are deciding to join to take advantage of lucrative welcome bonuses.

At the same time, many players still have questions, so we have set up this page to answer the most common questions posed by roulette fans in Canada.

How Does Online Roulette Work?

In terms of the rules, online roulette is no different than playing in a live casino. The rules are all the same, the bets are placed the same way, and the odds are typically the same too. You will need to read our reviews of the many great casino sites that do business in Canada in order to find the best ones to join, but once you find a favourite, you will find that nothing beats the thrill of winning big online.

What is process for joining up?

Whoa, hold your horses. The first thing is to scan our top guide and read our reviews for the best casino sites around. All of the roulette betting sites we recommend have been completely audited by our staff, so you really can't go wrong with a casino link from us.

We have links that are exclusive to our site that will ensure that you get a lucrative welcome bonus when you open a real money account. Once you have completed the sign-up process, you will need to make a CA currency deposit in order to get your start activating your bonus.

Making a deposit is quite easy as all places on the web have some good banking options available to Canadian players. Real money deposits can take anything from a few minutes to an hour or two for completion, and once it's done, you are ready to enjoy some great real money roulette spins.

How Do You Cash Out?

The cashout process is very similar to making a deposit. When you are ready to cash out some of your Canadian winnings simply head to the Cashier tab in the casino website's lobby.

There will be a large "withdrawal" button and you will be presented with a few options. Pick the one that fits your needs best and the casino takes care of the rest. Sometimes withdrawals take a few days to process, and there may be a fee involved, so just be patient, and if you have any questions about its status check the Cashier page or email the casino's customer support team.

Are Online Roulette Games Fair?

Yes, roulette online is fair - or should be at a top site - and represents the exact same odds as playing the game in a live casino. Every one of the recommended casino sites we feature on these pages has been independently audited for the security and the integrity of their RNG (Random Number Generator) system.

When you visit an Internet casino site, make sure they are licensed in the country they operate from and hold independent security audit certificates. If you want to play it safe, just stick to our recommended sites as we have already gone through and done all relevant verifications beforehand.

What is a Welcome Bonus?

A welcome bonus is a big, giant pile of cash that online casinos give to new players. They do this to lure players out of land-based casinos - or other online rivals - and pass on the savings they enjoy by operating online. Typically these bonuses are up to four-figures and are an amount that matches a player's first deposit into an online casino.

How Do I Get the Bonus?

Players are credited the bonus once they make their initial deposit. This does not mean that players will see the money in their account straight away, however. The bonus must be earned by placing wagers at real money roulette games at the casino. Note that not all games are eligible to count towards earning your bonus. Once a certain number of wagers have been made, the money will be credited from the bonus holding area as real money into your account. Always make sure that roulette is included in any bonus deal on your favourite site before making a deposit of loonies.

Is online roulette rigged?

It is highly unlikely online roulette wheels are rigged for the primary reason that they utilize RNG (Random Number Generation). A reputable online gaming site will have their games externally monitored and verified. Such sites will also be licensed. Like anything you invest in, Caveat emptor; let the buyer beware. The thing to remember is these sites are for entertainment and the house will have the upper hand.

Is it really random?

Algorithms: calculations and problem solving done by a computer. Internet casinos depend upon algorithms to ensure RNG - Random Number Generation. It is important to remember that the house has the edge simply because it is inherently the way roulette works. Online roulette is not different from the physical roulette wheel in this case. It is a safe bet to say a reputable online roulette game is random.

Is it possible to beat?

The house will always have the edge, but there are some who say you can by utilizing the Martingale online roulette strategy. It suggests this: Double your bet if you lose. Halve your bet if you win. The idea is you will catch up to a win, in theory. There are suggestions to use a ready-made cheat sheet, but since online roulette is random, there’s no guarantee this system will work. The old adage, “quit while you’re ahead” is a wise choice.

How much can I win?

How much you win depends on a few things. The first thing is to determine if online gambling is legal in your country. The amount you win is dependent upon the size of the bet with a reputable online casino. Splitting your bets, placing smaller amounts on several numbers, will yield you a greater chance of winning. In a bet like that, however, the payout is less. Putting a large sum on one number is risky, therefore, the payout will be higher. NEVER bet more than you can afford. That advice seems simple, but if you get a taste of winning it is easy to lose sight that online roulette is a game of random.

Do online roulette systems work?

RNG - Random Number Generation - makes it difficult to have a sure-fire system of winning. There are a variety of systems that proclaim to help you win at online roulette. Take heed when utilizing them. Many are scams. Above all else, make certain the online casino you’re dealing with is licensed and reputable.

Which system should I choose?

Keeping it simple is your best bet when you are just starting out. The Martingale method increases your chances of winning in the short term. It is one of the oldest system of betting.

What platform is best for online roulette?

It is suggested by many authorities on online roulette to choose a European roulette wheel over an American roulette wheel because it increases the odds of winning. The difference is that a European wheel contains only one 0, whereas, the American roulette wheel has a 0 and 00.

How can I find the best sites?

A rule of thumb when seeking out online roulette is to try before you buy. If you can’t create an account without doling out money, you might want to keep looking. When searching for your ideal gaming site, look for eCOGRA and SSL signs on the homepage of the online casino to know if they are the real deal. You want a licensed and verifiable casino. The sites with the best reputations will offer up customer service that is easily contacted. The best online roulette games will have their RNG (Random Number Generators) independently audited to ensure they are above board.

Is Online Roulette Legal in Canada?

In some provinces, like BC and Quebec, it is expressly legal to play online roulette, as it is to play any Internet betting games. Quebec actually has its own state betting sites, although they don't always offer the same range of games as internationally-recognized casinos. In some provinces, however, a gray area persists and online casinos operate regardless without interference from the government.

For now, provincial law is really what governs the legality of online gambling and there has yet to be any anti-gaming bills passed.

What are the Best Roulette Games to Play?

Without a doubt, you want to play European Roulette tables because the odds are a lot better than standard ("American") roulette games. This is due to the fact that there is just one zero on the board instead of two, cutting the house edge in half - to around 2.5% - which is a lot better than double zero games. The best wagers in Roulette are "outside" bets, meaning you place a wager on Red or Black, or Odds/Even. Those bets are easier to hit but pay just even money.

Can I Play for Free First?

Yes! All of the best Internet casinos available in Canada offer both a play-money and real money option when you join. The better players, in fact, try out the software and new games first with play-money and then move over to real money games once they're happy with the room.

Are There Mobile-Friendly Casinos?

Absolutely. Many of the web-based casinos operating in Canada have either a native iOS or Android app available to download and install on your smartphone or tablet. Sites that do not have that option tend to offer "No Download" instant play games that can be loaded up in a modern web browser like Chrome or Safari. Take a look at the best mobile casino sites for roulette.

Are There Mac-Friendly Sites?

Yep. Some of the online casinos we recommend have native OS X applications that you can download and install on your iMac or MacBook computer. Others offer a "No Download" option that loads up in Chrome, FireFox or Safari, and leverages Adobe Flash or Java technology.

Should I Stick to a Land-Based Casino?

Actually, Internet casinos offer live dealers too! Thanks to advances in streaming technology and broadband Internet speeds, players can sit at a live dealer table and chat with a live human being while they play. Many of these live dealers are really engaging and entertaining. In fact, many people point to live dealer tables as the biggest innovation for Internet gambling in 2017. These Live Dealer Roulette games also dispel many online players' fears that pure online roulette isn't 100% above board.

What if I Have More Questions?

Feel free to send in your questions and one of our highly trained staff members will return your email as soon as possible.