The 1-3-2-6 System

One Three Two Six Roulette System Strategy

This positive progression system uses a series of numbers to raise the bet after each win. The 1-3-2-6 works best when you get consecutive wins of 2 or 4 during your roulette session. It is considered a popular variation of the Reverse Martingale which doubles the bet on a win.

How to Use This System

The 1-3-2-6 is easy to learn and use. Its positive progression requires that you raise the bet on a win and lower it after a loss. Follow these steps at the roulette table:

  1. Start leftmost of the number series 1-3-2-6. Select a base bet of 1 unit and place it on an even-money bet.
  2. On a win, move one space right to determine the next bet: 1-3-2-6. The next number is 3, so you would bet 3 units. Repeat this step after each consecutive win. If you get to the end of the series, start over with 1 unit.
  3. On a loss, return to the beginning of the series and bet 1 unit.

"The 1-3-2-6 doesn't require a complicated process making it a popular choice amongst gamblers that don't want to bother with tracking gameplay on paper."

Even-Money Bets and the 1-3-2-6

This system works best with even-money bets. They give the best odds, nearly 50%, and include: red/black, even/odd, low 18/high 18. Each pays 1/1 on a win.

Taking the 1-3-2-6 to the Roulette Table

You want to take this system for a spin, so you give it a try the next time you're playing roulette. You start left of the series 1-3-2-6. Your total loss limit is C$200, so you select a 1 unit bet in the amount of C$10. Placing a chip on red, you watch the wheel spin.

  • The first round produces a loss leaving you with -C$10. You place another chip on red.
  • The next round is a bit luckier awarding a payout of C$10 allowing you to break even. Due to the win, you move along the series and place a 3 unit bet on red.
  • The ball lands on 25 red putting you C$30 ahead. Again, you move right 1 number in the series to determine the next bet and place 2 chips on red.
  • This time, you aren't as lucky when the ball lands on 24 black for a loss of -C$20. Your net profit is still C$10. Since this round resulted in a loss, you go back to the beginning of the series and place 1 unit on red.
  • The next round produces another win for a payout of C$10 bringing you're net profit to C$20. You decide that doubling your initial bet is good enough for now, so you quit while you're ahead.

This System's Logic

The 1-3-2-6 uses positive progression to award up to 12x the starting bet in just 4 rounds. Moving along the sequence each consecutive win allows the profit potential to build. The largest number is last and equals the previous three combined. This allows you to either break even if the fourth spin loses or gain a large profit if it wins.

Going back to the beginning of the series after a loss minimizes the damage a losing streak could do to your bankroll. This is a benefit most positive progression systems offer as, unlike negative progression systems, the bet is decreased on a loss.

This particular system only profits with winning streaks of 2 or 4. Of course, it's much likelier to see more of the shorter winning streaks than the longer. We recommend setting a realistic profit goal before playing. Then, end your session when you reach it instead of waiting for the 12x/base payout.

Another thing to be aware of is that the house edge and random variances in number selection work against all systems. Keep your roulette sessions short for best results.

Pros Cons
Easy to learn and use without writing it down. Only profits under ideal circumstances.
Not going to reach the table's max bet limit. Not likely to recover from a longer losing streak.
Builds profit potential for winning streaks of 2 or 4. Dependent on winning streaks of 2 or 4 for success.
Can award up to 12x the base bet in 4 rounds. Can whittle away the bankroll quickly with a recurring pattern of 1 win : 1 loss.

The 1-3-2-4 Pyramid Variation

This system is similar to 1-3-2-6, except it maximizes the win potential of winning streaks longer than 4. It instructs you to start with the sequence 1-3-2-4. On a win, you must move to the right 1 number to determine the next bet. On a loss, you must start over at the beginning.

Once you get to 4 on the number series, you transition to another series: 2-6-4-8. If you're lucky enough to reach 8, it instructs you to move on to the third series: 4-12-8-16. Once you reach 16, you go back to the initial bet.

While it is unlikely to experience a 12 round winning streak, this system does offer the chance to continue to build on wins. The most you could make with this variation is 70x your initial bet.

Does This System Really Work?

The 1-3-2-6 can profit under the right set of circumstances. Have a look at how this plays out during very brief sessions that begin with wins.

Round Series Bet Units Win/Lose Net Units
1 1-3-2-6 1 Win 1
2 1-3-2-6 3 Lose -2
1 win followed by 1 loss results in a net loss of 2x the base bet.

Round Series Bet Units Win/Lose Net Units
1 1-3-2-6 1 Win 1
2 1-3-2-6 3 Lose 4
2 1-3-2-6 2 Lose 2
2 consecutive wins followed by 1 loss awards a profit of 2x the base bet.

Round Series Bet Units Win/Lose Net Units
1 1-3-2-6 1 Win 1
2 1-3-2-6 3 Win 4
3 1-3-2-6 2 Win 6
4 1-3-2-6 6 Lose 0
3 consecutive wins followed by 1 loss breaks even.

Round Series Bet Units Win/Lose Net Units
1 1-3-2-6 1 Win 1
2 1-3-2-6 3 Win 4
3 1-3-2-6 2 Win 6
4 1-3-2-6 6 Win 12
4 consecutive wins award a profit of 12x the base bet.

While 3 out of these 4 scenarios are favorable, the occurrence of 1 win followed by 1 loss is common enough to take into consideration. Each time this happens, it sets you back double your base bet. Let's have a look at an extended session plagued by this recurring pattern.

Round Series Bet Units Win/Lose Net Units
1 1-3-2-6 1 Win 1
2 1-3-2-6 3 Lose -2
3 1-3-2-6 1 Win -1
4 1-3-2-6 3 Lose -4
5 1-3-2-6 1 Win -3
6 1-3-2-6 3 Lose -6
7 1-3-2-6 1 Win -5

In just 7 rounds, there is a net loss of 5x the base bet. Notice how the system steadily loses ground with this pattern despite producing 4 wins and 3 losses.

The system does much better with some profitable winning streaks intermixed.

Round Series Bet Units Win/Lose Net Units
1 1-3-2-6 1 Lose -1
2 1-3-2-6 1 Lose -2
3 1-3-2-6 1 Lose -3
4 1-3-2-6 1 Win -2
5 1-3-2-6 3 Win 1
6 1-3-2-6 2 Lose -1
7 1-3-2-6 1 Lose -2
8 1-3-2-6 1 Win -1
9 1-3-2-6 3 Win 2
10 1-3-2-6 2 Lose 0
11 1-3-2-6 1 Win 1

This scenario shows how the system can recover from a short losing streak and profit despite a ratio of 5 wins to 6 losses. Its success is mainly due to a pair of 2 consecutive wins.

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Responsible Gambling

  • When using any roulette system, count the cost before you begin and select an initial bet based on what you are willing to lose. We recommend choosing something no higher than 5% of your loss limit.
  • Have a realistic profit goal in mind, and quit while you are ahead.
  • The 1-3-2-6 is not guaranteed to work as each session is different from the last.
  • Even-chance bets give a theoretical probability of winning half the time and losing half the time. Keep in mind that during real gameplay, a win is not more likely to follow right after a loss. It all comes down to luck.

Is This the Method for You?

The 1-3-2-6 is well-suited to anyone looking for a positive progression system that is easy to learn and use. Like most systems of its kind, it offers the advantage of requiring relatively low bets. While this system can potentially award 12x your base bet, it is more likely to produce smaller profits of 2x/base.