Our Top Tips to Winning Online Roulette

How to Win

Roulette is popular with players worldwide, because it only takes a minute to learn and provides lots of excitement. Sadly, there aren't any proven systems that will allow you to win every single time you play the game.

However, there are several popular strategies and bet combinations, effective in certain situations, that may help you beat the house. Before you lay your money down, learn how to make your bankroll go further. If your aim is to win, then you're in the right place.

Making the Right Bets to Win

With comparatively simple bet options, roulette has a shallow learning curve and lots of entertainment value. You can learn it in minutes and spend a lifetime perfecting all the possible ways to combine bets for maximum profit.

In order to win, players must attempt to accurately predict where the ball will land after being spun around the roulette wheel. Bets can be placed on the colors, numbers, or combination of both. The lower the odds of getting it right, the higher the payout. Let's have a look at the different types of bets with the highest odds to win and largest payouts.

Even-money Bets

By far the most popular bets in roulette are red/black odd/even and high 18/low 18. As even money bets with odds close to 50/50, they're favored by beginners and seasoned gamblers alike. The payout for each is only 1/1, however, the odds make them low-risk enough to be the basis for many roulette strategies.

Columns and Dozens

These bets claim the next highest probability to win each spin-over 30%. The payout is 2/1 meaning if you place 1 chip on a column or dozen and it wins, you will get 2 chips plus your original chip back.

Inside Bets

These include bets on 1 to 6 numbers and award the highest payouts. You can win anywhere from 5/1 to 35/1. However, due to also having the lowest probability to win, players often combine these with outside bets.

What are the Odds for Combined Bets?

A good rule of thumb when combining bets is to make certain there are shared numbers. This ensures that you will have a chance to win on most or all combined bets laid on the table each round. Those that don't follow this advice will either lose some or all of what is wagered each spin.

Mutually Exclusive Bets

Combining the 'first dozen' with 'high 18' covers 78%-80% of the numbers on the wheel. That sounds amazing, until you realize that there's no chance to win both wagers in the same spin. If you combine mutually exclusive bets like this, then you won't likely leave the table with a profit. We recommend not going with this type of bet combination.

Popular Mutually Inclusive Bet Combos

Popular combination bets with shared numbers include: dozens with columns, colors with columns, colors with even/odd, and inside bets with outside bets. These particular combinations offer higher coverage of numbers on the wheel while still offering the potential to award a win for both bets.

A well-known roulette strategy that relies on color bets combined with column bets to profit is the 3/2 system. Read our detailed guide here.

Columns + Dozens

When the first dozen is combined with the first column, you can expect at least one of the bets to win around 50% of the time. As 4 numbers overlap on the layout, your chance to win both bets each spin is around 10%-11% depending on which type of roulette variation you are playing. Each bet pays out 2/1, so winning both would double your potential payout.

However, the 10% probability that both will win simultaneously clearly shows that it is likely to lose at least one bet every 9 out of 10 spins. Many players offset this by adding in a few straight-up or split bets that overlap with both outside bets. With a bit of luck, this can offset losses and increase profit potential due to payouts of 35/1 or 17/1 respectively.

Columns + Colors

Combining columns with even-money bets is also a popular choice. Combining a wager on the second column with red gives a probability to win at least one bet 70% of the time. The same goes for combining the third column with black. However, as only 4 numbers overlap for either of these bet combos, the probability to achieve a win on both at once is 10%-11%.

As the potential payout is 2/1 and 1/1, many players wager double or triple on the even-chance bet to offset losses while hoping both bets win together for a small payout.

Colors + Even/Odd

Combining either red with odd or black with even gives 10 overlapping numbers for about a 25%-26% chance to win both bets each spin. The probability of winning at least one bet is almost 70%. Payouts are 1/1, so it is definitely recommended that you combine this with one or more inside bets.

For example, combining the 1st row of 3 numbers with red and odd gives the potential to win a payout of 11/1 + 1/1 + 1/1 around 5% of the time.

"While Canadian Roulette can be learned in a sitting, it has many different betting variations and strategies requiring long-term dedication to truly master the art of the game."

Odds Across Variations

Main variations of roulette such as American, European and French have most of the same basic bets. However, the odds to win are a bit different due to house edge. Have a look at the table below to determine which version has the most advantageous edge.

Bets American European French
Inside (most) 5.26% 2.70% 2.70%
Basket bet 7.89% N/A N/A
Outside (most) 5.26% 2.70% 2.70%
Even-money 5.26% 2.70% 1.35%

Make Your Bankroll Go Further

There's very little benefit to turning up to the table with one hundred Canadian dollars and placing it all on red or black. Sure, you might double your money, but it's slightly more likely that your entire bankroll will be lost on a single spin of the roulette wheel.

We recommend starting with a smaller bet. The total amount you're willing to gamble divided by twenty or more is a decent guide. In other words, make your first bet no larger than 5% of your total loss limit. Preferably less, so you'll be able to give your strategy a chance to work.

Many strategies need a few rounds in order to recoup losses. Particularly, if your session begins with consecutive losses. You may even need just as many wins to recover and make a profit. Starting with a low wager can actually be more profitable in the long run, as you likely won't hit either your personal limit or the max bet limit before making some money. Not to mention, you won't lose your entire bankroll in one spin!

Once you've made a profit, end your session while you're ahead for maximum success.

Take a look at our roulette strategy guide for more in-depth information.

Save Your Profits!

Some betting systems recommend letting your winnings roll and re-betting them multiple times to build a potential win. This might lead to a nice payout sometimes. More often than not, it's a recipe to lose it all. We recommend stashing as much of your profits away as possible.

Only gamble with the amount that you originally set out to. Whether you're winning or not, we always recommend setting a hard limit for how much you intend to spend. Increasing your bets after losses in order to recoup your money can work for short losing streaks, but it is all too likely to result in heavier losses on longer losing streaks.

The Ultimate Advice

Ultimately, no matter which bets you choose or which strategy you employ, roulette is a game of chance. In other words, nothing is guaranteed to play out the way you hope. Short-term sessions are best, as the longer you play, the more likely it is that the house edge will get your bankroll in the end.

While there's no sure-fire recipe for winning at roulette, if it's excitement and real cash prizes you're looking for, consider combining inside bets with outside. With payouts of up to 35:1, these can add a nice jackpot element to your game.

To avoid disappointment, keep in mind that roulette is meant as a source of entertainment and not a source of income. The excitement comes from its unpredictable results. When you win, it's a huge rush. When you lose, it's not as fun. However, having a loss limit in mind before starting a session can prevent you from spending more than you can afford. Overspending can really kill your night. Stick to your limits for maximum entertainment!