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Online Roulette No Zero

With roulette, the house edge is based on the fact that the spinning wheel either has a zero or a zero and a double zero on which players may wager. How powerful is the effect of the addition of these zeros? A roulette without zeromeans there is no longer a house edge. That makes them extremely powerful.

If you’re a roulette player, you know that it’s better to play European roulette, which only has a zero, rather than American, which has both a zero and a double zero. That’s because the addition of the double zero actually doubles the house edge. With even one zero in the mix, the player is at a disadvantage, and with two types of zeros, their chances of winning are greatly diminished.

But no zero roulette eliminates that house edge, giving players a much better chance of cashing-in. Let’s look at how the elimination of the zeros affect your chances of winning. Once you understand the benefits of no zero, you’ll want to make it your primary game.

Basic Workings of Online No Zero Roulette

No zero roulette changes the game dramatically for players. If you are placing a single number wager on American roulette, your chances of winning are 38-1, as the wheel has 36 numbers plus a zero and double zero. When playing the European roulette wheel, due to the fact that it has 36 numbers, plus a single zero, your chances of winning are 37-1.

Remember that neither game's payouts are based on true odds. If so, the American version would pay 38-1 and European would pay 37-1. But both pay 35-1. That means that the house edge for American roulette stands at 5.26% and for European at 2.63%.

With those zeros banished from the wheel, the house edge becomes 0.00%. Thus, no zero roulette offers you true odds, which are also known as straight odds. With your chances of winning increased, the house edge eliminated, and true odds established, you’re more likely to break even over the course of time, and when you go on a winning streak you’re given the ultimate opportunity to cash out big time.

This innovative form of what is one of the most popular table games in the world can only be found at a few select Internet casinos. At this time, no brick-and-mortar casinos offer no zero roulette.

At a Glance:

  • Similar to that of regular online roulette, the No Zero version needs no extra practice.
  • Why it can be a struggle to find No Zero Roulette online.
  • Knowing what the "risk of ruin" is, and how it can catch you out.
  • The ins and outs of finding an online No Zero Roulette casino.

The Reason Why No Zero Roulette Is Hard to Find

With the house edge gone, roulette becomes less profitable for the casino. Why is this so? Zeros make it a little harder for someone to hit either a red or black color bet. This is because both the zero and double zero are green. Thus, those two numbers are eliminated from color and various other low-payout wagers. That gives the house a much better chance of winning those bets.

But with the zeros gone bets such as black and red now have a 50-50 chance of being hit. The result is if you’re able to play for an unlimited amount of time you would always break even. If an online casino does provide players with the opportunity to play no zero roulette, they will often protect their interests by lowering the maximum wager limit.

"With the zeros gone, bets such as black and red now have a 50-50 chance of being hit."

No Zero Online Roulette and the Risk of Ruin

Many people wonder how an online casino that offers no zero roulette can make a profit if they no longer have an edge. The fact is even without the edge, the casino is assured a profit due to a concept called “the risk of ruin.” In simplest terms, this idea is based on the fact that gamblers have limited bankrolls and that on any given turn a certain number of players will lose. After numerous turns, eventually a certain percentage of players will walk away having left their cash at the casino.

As an example, with a no zero wheel if one player bets $1.00 on red and another $1.00 on black, only one will win cash. With that the casino breaks even. Now consider the fact that not all bets or bankrolls are equal. One player may have a much smaller amount of money and lose it all before they hit, while someone with a large amount of cash may stay longer and eventually hit. A $20 bankroll has a much shorter life expectancy than a $2,000 bankroll.

Add to that, the fact that roulette offers 36 single-number bets and that on any given turn, only one number can hit, and you begin to see how a casino can make a profit on no zero roulette. Overall, casinos are aided by the fact that players do not have limitless amounts of cash with which to bet and that they will eventually run out of money.

No Zero Roulette FAQ

Where Can I Play No Zero Roulette?

Various online casinos carry this exciting type of roulette, which has no house edge. To find those online casinos that offer this table game, please see our pages dedicated to no zero roulette. You’ll not, however, find no zero roulette at any land-based casinos. You can only play it online.

Is It Available in Canada?

Although you’ll not be able to play no zero roulette at any brick and mortar casino in Canada, you’ll be able to play it online at some select gaming establishments. Not all online casinos provide gamblers the opportunity to play this table game, which takes away the casino’s edge and gives players a much better chance of winning. To connect with quality online casinos that carry no zero roulette, please see our pages dedicated to this player-friendly game.

Do Bets Work the Same as with Other Variations?

The one major change from a classic French roulette game is that there is obviously no zero or double zero bets with no zero roulette. Otherwise, all bets play in the same manner. There are much lower maximums with no zero, and although that does not influence the payout odds, that does affect how much you can win on one spin.

What Are the Minimum and Maximum Bets?

No zero roulette tends to carry average minimum bets but much lower maximums than American or European. The reason for the low maximum has to do with the greater amount of risk the casino assumes with no zero. Because the house edge is gone, gaming parlors end up paying out a lot more winning bets. Thus, an online casino that offers regular players a max bet of $500 per spin and VIP players $3,000 per turn on the American wheel, may limit the maximum on no zero to anywhere from $20 to $100.
Both online minimums and maximums vary quite a bit from casino to casino, but the average minimum bet for roulette ranges from $1.00 to $5.00 per spin. How much you bet above that minimum is up to you, but always be aware the lower your bets, the more turns you’ll get out of your bankroll, and additional turns can go a long way to increasing your chances of winning.

How Much Can Be Won?

Payouts are fairly standard, which means how much you win depends upon how much you bet and what type of wager you make. If you’re at a no zero roulette table and bet $20.00 and hit a single number wager, you’ll get 35-1 or $700. The same amount bet on odd/even or red/black will pay 1-1 or $20.00. Of course, if you go on a run, you can win thousands of dollars over the course of a short time.

Can I Play on a Mobile?

Whether or not you can play this game on your mobile device depends on if the casino offers it via their mobile app. Larger casinos with more members will usually provide more mobile games, whereas small betting parlors will offer members minimal choices. Use our pages to find a casino that includes no zero roulette for mobile devices, such as Androids and iPhones.

Is there A Live Dealer Version?

At present, there is no live online dealer version of no zero roulette. Although online dealers have become very popular, casinos don’t offer no zero roulette in this mode. Instead, you’ll find American and European roulette in the live dealer mode. There are a few reasons for this, including the fact that casinos make less money on no zero, which means that it simply makes more sense for them to offer the two basic types of roulette that give them a house edge. Also, many people play online live dealer games to have that specific experience, which is as close to a land-based casino as you can get without leaving your home. Offering no zero live would probably not result in any more people choosing to play live. Finally, computer generated games play faster, are less expensive to run, and can handle more players at one time than live dealer games, increasing casino profits over time. Thus, the increased risk and lower profits associated with no zero make the computer generated game a better fit for online casinos.

Can I Play for Free?

Yes, you’ll be able to play no zero for free at many online casinos, and it’s recommended that you do so. It’s always good to play a new game in the free mode, as this allows you to experience the game without any risk. Once you get used to the new game and find a style of play that’s comfortable for you, you can then progress to playing for real money and do so with confidence.