Roulette Etiquette

 Online Roulette Etiquette

Like any casino game run by a dealer, Canadian roulette players are expected to behave in a certain way. Roulette etiquette isn't just some silly formality, but rather a way for the casino to help prevent cheating and make sure everything runs smoothly.

New to the game? Don't worry, there are only a few basics to learn before playing roulette in a Canadian casino. And when all else fails, a little common sense and courtesy will get you far.

What is Proper Roulette Betting Procedure?

Timing is everything in roulette, especially when it comes to making a bet. Once you've exchanged your casino chips for roulette chips, you can begin your roulette session. To time your bets just right, follow this procedure:

  • Wait until all bets from the previous round are cleared or paid out. Once the layout is clear, the dealer will open it up for betting. You'll have about one minute to make your bets.
  • Wait patiently for the result of the spin. On a win, the dealer will payout all winning bets. On a loss, the bets will be collected. This may take a minute. Relax, keep your hands away from the table and plan your next bet.
  • Either make your next bet or exchange your roulette chips for casino chips to end your roulette session before the next spin.

Remember, the key is to place your bets in a timely manner. Have a plan in mind before you begin your session. Even though you only have one minute to make wagers, it should be plenty of time to get your bets down if you know what you want beforehand.

For hard to reach bet spaces on the layout, don't wait until the last second and be forced to hastily toss your chips across the table! If you can't reach far enough, just ask the dealer or another player to help you.

Tips to Avoid Being Called a Cheater

Avoid Past Posting

Note that you can still make wagers after the croupier starts the ball rolling, but as the ball begins to slow down, the croupier will wave a hand over the table and say, "No more bets!" Once this happens, you just have to sit tight until the ball lands in a pocket.

If you do make another bet after this point, either the croupier or the 'eye in the sky' will see you! At this point, hopefully the casino just voids your bet. However, further action can be taken if representatives of the casino believe that you saw or predicted the final result. This is known as past posting, and it's considered cheating by casinos.

Keep Your Hands to Yourself

So, you took your time, chose your numbers and your bets came in! The croupier will mark the winning number on the table and start by clearing all the losing bets. He will then start paying out the winners.

Make sure you keep your hands away from the roulette table at this point. Sneaky players have been known to pinch losing bets, past post by making new bets or add chips to existing, winning bets still sitting on the table. None of these actions are allowed. By keeping your hands away from the layout, you'll avoid any suspicion

Respecting the Croupier

The croupier drives the action, so make sure you treat the dealer with a bit of respect. There's a lot going on during each round. The croupier has to keep everything running smoothly so bets can be treated properly and wins handed out correctly. Here are a few things to keep in mind during the game:

  • Remember that dealers get paid close to minimum wage. If the gameplay is smooth, don't hesitate to tip.
  • On the flip side of that courtesy coin, don't take your frustration out on the croupier when you hit a cold streak. Croupiers may run the table but don't have any bearing on your luck!
  • If you think a croupier has made a mistake, just politely bring it to their attention. This will often get you faster results than disrupting the game with an outburst. For most of these potential errors, a pit boss will be overseeing the dealer's actions and can usually step in if anything goes wrong. In many casinos, there will even be camera surveillance to prevent any misunderstandings.

Paying Common Courtesy to Players

While it's only natural and acceptable to celebrate a big win, keep in mind that roulette is a social game. Think of the other players nearby before you decide to wave your arms and shout. If you're jumping around, you may bump into the people around you and maybe even knock over their chips or drinks.

At the other end of the spectrum, getting angry over a big loss or getting into an argument is always a bad idea. Just roll with the punches and remain calm. This is probably also a good time to remind you to watch your alcohol consumption too!

Each player at the table will be given his or her own colored chips to use. Keep your hands on your own chips and avoid touching anyone else's. If someone's chips are in the way, just put your chips next to, or on top of, the stack blocking your bet. Never move someone else's chips out of the way!

"Proper roulette etiquette is about showing respect to the game's rich history by treating everyone, including the croupier, with courtesy."

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Next time you're headed to the casino, have your betting strategy in mind, and remember that treating everyone with respect will make for a much more enjoyable roulette experience.

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