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Roulette Etiquette Online and Offline

 Online Roulette Etiquette

As with most casino games, Canadian roulette players are expected to behave in a certain way. Roulette etiquette isn't just some silly formality, but rather a way for the casino to help prevent cheating and fraud, and make sure everything runs smoothly without interruption.

But don't worry, there are only a few basics you need to learn if you're looking to play roulette in a Canadian casino. And when all else fails, a little common sense and common courtesy will get you far.

Proper Roulette Betting Procedure

Timing is everything in roulette, especially when it comes to making a bet. Betting begins once all bets from the previous round are cleared or paid out. Once the layout is clear, the dealer will open it up for betting, and you'll have about one minute to make your bets.

You can still make wagers after the croupier starts the ball rolling but as the ball begins to slow down, the croupier will wave their hand over the table and say, "No more bets!". Once this happens, you just have to sit tight and dream of the big win.

If you do make another bet after this point, the croupier (or the eye in the sky) will see you! At this point you should hope that the casino just voids your bet, but they can take further action if they think you could see or predict the final result. This is known as past posting, and it’s not permitted in virtually every casino.

Even though you only have one minute to make your wagers, it should be plenty of time to get your bets down; don't wait until the last second and be forced to toss your chips across the table! If you can't reach far enough, just ask the dealer or another player to help you.

Collecting Your Winnings

So, you took your time, chose your numbers and your bets came in! The croupier will mark the winning number on the table, and start by clearing all the losing bets. He will then start paying out the winners.

Make sure you keep your hands away from the roulette table at this point. Sneaky players have been known to pinch their losing bets (pull them off the table) or past post by making new bets or adding chips to existing, winning bets that are sitting on the table. Both actions aren’t allowed, and by keeping your hands away from the layout, you'll avoid any suspicion.

The Croupier

The croupier drives the action, so make sure you treat them with a bit of respect. There’s a lot going on all the time, and the croupier has to keep everything running smoothly so bets can be treated properly and wins handed out correctly. Remember that the dealers are getting paid close to minimum wage, so if they send a winning streak your way don't hesitate to give them a tip. And don't take your frustrations out on the croupier if you're on a cold streak - just because they’re running the action, it doesn't mean they have any bearing on your luck!

If you think the croupier has made a mistake, just politely bring it to their attention. For most of these potential errors, a pit boss will be overseeing the dealer's actions and can usually step in if anything goes wrong. Remember, there will be camera surveillance following your play, so you can - in some circumstances - ask that camera footage is checked for any anomalies.

Paying Common Courtesy

While it's fine celebrate a big win, if you're jumping around knocking over the people around you - and their chips and drinks - you've crossed the line.

At the other end of the spectrum, getting angry over a big loss or getting into an argument with anyone is always a bad idea. Just roll with the punches and remain calm. This is probably also a good time to remind you to watch your alcohol consumption!

Each player at the table will be given their own colored chips to use. Keep your hands on those and avoid touching anyone else's. If someone else's chips are in the way, or on a number/color already taken up, just put the chips next to, or on top of, another player's stack - never move someone else's chips out of the way.

Casino etiquette is important regardless of which game you play. It's also a good idea to be aware of cultural differences depending on which country you're gambling in. Thoughtco.com have written a good article on table game etiquette.

"Proper roulette etiquette is about showing respect to the game's rich history, as well as the croupier. Playing online roulette allows newcomers to learn how the game operates before stepping foot into the fast-paced physical casino."

Online Roulette Etiquette

If you’re a new Canadian roulette player and are worried about breaking table etiquette, we suggest that you start playing roulette online instead of in the casino.

Top Canadian online casinos let you learn the roulette ropes step by step. You can get used to the table layout, how the betting works, and what the various payouts are. Plus, there are no other players at your table getting in your way, so chill and take as much time as you need.

Spins of the wheel online are always recorded, so if you feel the software isn't above board or something went wrong with the betting or payouts, you can simply make a note of the spin number and contact the site's customer support crew.

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