The Best Roulette Sites Accepting Citadel

Citadel Roulette

Playing at an online casino is simple, and fun to do after you understand how to make the banking options work. Essentially what you do is pick an option to make deposits with, and then you utilize that option to transfer real money into your casino account so that you can play. Most people just go ahead and use their credit cards, because that’s simple, but for even better security there is a service known as Citadel instead.

This works much like credit cards do, because you access money in your bank account to play at one of the online roulette sites accepting Citadel, but it’s a direct transfer instead. This offers you more protection when you sign up to a casino you aren’t 100 per cent sure about. It’s a safer way to get started, and just as easy to do.

How Citadel Deposits Work

Signing up to a Citadel online roulette casino is quite simple to do, but there are a few steps that you’ll have to go through. The very first is finding out just how much the welcome bonus at the online roulette sites accepting Citadel are worth. You need to know the amount so you can decide just how much you want to deposit into the casino.

Now sign up for an account with the Citadel roulette online casino and enter in all the information required to move through the process. Eventually you’ll get to a portion that asks you for your personal information, and this is where you use Citadel to complete your initial deposit and add real cash into your account for playing games.

Once you get to the deposit portion, you simply choose Citadel as your transfer option and you’ll be given a couple verification numbers that you have to hold onto. A new page will open up at your bank telling you to log into your account. After you sign into your account, you simply enter in those numbers as well as the amount of money that you want to deposit and you’ll be signed up to one of the best Citadel online casinos with your funding added in. You now have real money to spend on the casino on the many different games available and you could win prize money to withdraw.

At a Glance:

  • Online banking solution for direct deposits from bank account
  • Quick access to funds for playing your favourite roulette game
  • Citadel costs very little to use
  • No personal information shared with online gambling websites
  • Popular financial option available to Canadian players
  • Safe and secure without any paperwork required

Citadel versus Other Deposit Methods

When it comes to picking out a banking option, you really need to consider all the different choices and which is going to benefit you the most. The best Citadel online casinos offer other options as well, so you need to figure out which option is right for you.

Citadel is noteworthy because it works with an existing bank account for deposits. When you join a Citadel roulette online site using Citadel, you simply enter in bank information and complete the transaction quickly. It takes as much time as a credit card, but doesn’t give out your number.

Citadel is excellent to work with because you don’t have to go through the trouble of creating an account to start using it. As long as you have a bank account you can complete real cash deposits into your casino to help you qualify for that welcome bonus and get started playing.

Citadel is a bit slower than PayPal or Paysafecard, but it’s easier to get started at a Citadel online roulette casino, making it a pretty good trade-off overall.

We Found the Best Sites

Our team of qualified casino raters spend days going over different Citadel roulette online casinos and picking out the ones that are best out of the bunch. They pay attention to banking options, welcome bonuses, game quality and the customer service that the casino offers. All these important considerations help the experts choose casinos that are worth trying out.

If you don’t like the thought of looking for the best online Citadel casinos yourself, you can rely on our expert recommendations to save yourself some time.

Our team of reviewers have looked up the best sites, that offer excellent bonuses, a great selection of games, and offers secure and safe banking, allowing you to jump into great gaming.

By following our recommendations you can save time, and have peace of mind that you are playing at trusted online roulette sites. Signing up only takes a few minutes. Why not play some roulette right now?

Citadel FAQ

Is Citadel recommended as a payment method?

Yes, Citadel is a recommended payment method when you have a bank account that will work. If you don’t yet have a bank account then there are other options that will be more convenient. It’s fast and easy to use though, and more secure than a credit card is.

Do they allow casino payments?

Yes, Citadel can be used to deposit real money into a casino. If you live in Canada it is easy to complete a deposit with Citadel and get started playing at a new casino.

Which Citadel casinos are recommended?

Well reviewed and popular Citadel roulette casinos are recommended. They will offer you a positive experience, and are worth considering.

How quick are payments and withdrawals?

With Citadel it’s possible to complete deposits in less than an hour, and withdrawals typically take a few days. It’s a fast service that’s good for players that want to start gambling quickly.

Is my information safe?

Your information is safer with Citadel than with credit cards. Your financial information is kept secret with this service, helping to protect your finances.

Is Citadel the preferred deposit method?

Citadel is a preferred method if you want to use a bank and keep your financial information safe. If you would prefer to do without a bank there are other options like Paysafecard that would work better.