The Best Roulette Sites Accepting Instant EFT

Instant EFT Roulette

Getting started with online roulette is quick and easy to do when you live in Canada, but you’ll have to learn how to put real money into your account through one of the many approved banking options. A good quality casino will give you credit cards, e-wallet services and other options to choose from, but if you don’t have a card or don’t want to mess with one, one of the fastest options that you have is Instant EFT.

Instant EFT is a service that connects right to your online bank account, and allows you to transfer money from it to another bank. It’s something that you’ll see at many online roulette sites accepting Instant EFT, and an easy way to get started with online gambling.

How Instant EFT Deposits Work

After you find one of the best Instant EFT online casinos, you have to go through the signup and checkout process to get real cash into your account. Once you do that you can immediately begin playing your favourite games, and potentially winning some very nice prizes. That’s why it makes sense to understand the checkout process, so that when you go to join you can get through it quickly and easily.

Take a moment to pick out the casino that you want to play at, and learn the welcome bonus that's available. Decide how much money you are going to deposit to make the most of that initial bonus being given out by the Instant EFT roulette online casino. Once you know the amount, you can start signing up for an account with the casino.

Go through the prompts and enter in your information into the high quality real money Instant EFT online roulette casino. Eventually you’ll get to the spot that asks you to complete your initial real cash deposit. This is how you complete the account signup process and start your way toward unlocking that welcome bonus. Choose Instant EFT, or Internet banking as your payment options. Once you do that, you’ll select your bank and a new window will open up.

Simply input your bank information and enter the amount that you want to deposit into your account. Once you accept the information the deposit will be made as long as all the info matches up and is accepted.

It’s possible that while you are signing up to the Instant EFT online roulette site you will have to create a one-time password that’s emailed or texted to you, but as long as you have a working cell phone or email address, this process is simple and easy to go through and it completes your deposit into the Instant EFT roulette online site that you decided to join.

At a Glance:

  • Instant EFT is similar to traditional wire transfers except that the processing times are shorter
  • Funds are credited to your online casino account instantly
  • No more waiting for three to five days for funds to play online roulette
  • Facilitates secure transactions from your bank account to online casino account
  • Instant EFT is an alternative option for players who don’t have a credit or a debit card
  • Certain transfer fees are involved during transactions

Instant EFT versus Other Deposit Methods

Joining online roulette sites accepting Instant EFT is a simple process and something that you can probably complete in just a few minutes of your time. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t consider other options though. After all, you can start playing at a casino with a credit card just as quickly as you can with Instant EFT. The only major difference is that you don’t have to give out your card number when you rely on the service.

Even the best Instant EFT online casinos will offer you other banking options, so you need to know which is going to be right for your needs. If you don’t have a bank account, or your bank isn’t accepted, you would be better served with a Paysafecard or a prepaid Visa or MasterCard instead. These one-time options are quick and easy to use as well, but they come with higher fees. They also require you to leave your home, which is a major inconvenience if you already have a bank account. Which is why it makes so much sense to join one of the best Instant EFT online casinos when you already have a supported bank account. Deposits are easy to make and joining takes minutes without you ever having to leave home.

We Found the Best Sites

There’s no need to worry about tracking down the leading online roulette sites accepting Instant EFT as a payment source. That’s because there are online reviewers, such as our team of professionals that have done the work for you. Our pros know what players want from their casinos, and they take the time to really ensure that the options selected offer a quality welcome bonus, many different games to play and a top VIP programme.

You can rely on our list of top-rated sites, to pick out the one that fits your needs and desires the most. After looking at a couple of the chosen casinos you’ll quickly see just how good the options are to pick from.

Instant EFT FAQ

Is Instant EFT a recommended payment method?

Instant EFT is recommended for bank account owners that are approved. It’s a simple payment solution that works fast and easily when you have the right bank account. You press the button, enter in your information and complete the deposit. Something you can do in minutes.

Do they allow casino payments?

Instant EFT wasn’t designed for casino payments, but it works for them. It’s easy to use and is approved for Canadian players to pay to gamble online.

Which Instant EFT casinos should I join?

You should use your judgement when picking out a casino, and rely on experts to help you find a quality option. Consider the casinos that offer top-quality services and that are known for their security and reliability.

How quick are payments and withdrawals?

Instant EFT works without verification so deposits happen instantly. Withdrawals take a bit longer and you could be waiting a few days before your money is in the bank.

Is my information safe?

With Instant EFT your financial information is not shared. Just make sure you only give out personal information to a casino that you trust.

Are they a preferred option over other payment methods?

In some cases Instant EFT is preferred to other payment methods. It works faster than standard bank transfers or e-cheques. It is simpler than an e-wallet service and more secure than a credit card.