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The Best Online Roulette Sites Accepting UKash

 Online Roulette uKash

Many players want to find a quick, easy, reliable and private way to fund their online gambling activities. For some, using a credit card directly with an online Roulette site is not an option because they put a strong emphasis on their privacy. While credit cards and bank wires are directly related to a player and their financial history, there is an option for players to use which severs that direct connection between your financial institutions and your gambling accounts.

Enter UKash, a new way for players to privately deposit funds onto gambling websites. UKash is a very simple, safe, and nearly anonymous way for players to make deposits. It is delivered as a ready-to-spend PIN code which can be entered anywhere, including online Roulette sites in Canada, to pay directly and instantly. Using UKash at online roulette sites is very similar to using a coupon code, only this code is worth actual money.

How to Use UKash

UKash is incredibly simple to use and any Canadian will be able to reliably use it to fund their online Roulette site account with it. Players will simply use their cash or credit card at an UKash station and in return will receive a redeemable PIN code. This code is typically printed on some sort of small paper or card. This PIN can then be entered anywhere UKash is accepted.

At a Glance:

  • UKash lets you make private online payments to an online Roulette site.
  • No credit or debit cards are required to use Ukash.
  • You can use UKash to fund an online gambling site account.
  • UKash can be found in stores worldwide and is extremely easy to use.
  • We'll show you how to use UKash to fund your favourite Roulette site.
  • We've found the very best UKash-friendly online Roulette sites to play at.

Step-by-Step Guide to Depositing With UKash

The first step is to find an UKash location which can be done at their website. Simply type in your city and chances are, a plethora of locations will pop up. Typically there are UKash terminals at postal offices and convenience stores.

Once there you will exchange your cash for a unique 19-digit UKash code. The next step would be to get home and log into your favourite Roulette site and go to the cashier. From there you will want to select "deposit" and click on the UKash option. You will then be prompted to enter in an amount and your 19-digit PIN code. The amount will be credited nearly instantly and you will be ready to play.

"Ukash turns your cold-hard Canadian dollars into anonymous payment vouchers that you can use for online roulette, giving players the ultimate peace of mind in regards to security because your private information is never transmitted or obtained by the Internet casino."

Who Else Uses UKash?

UKash is quickly gaining popularity across both Europe and North America because of the advantages it offers. While it is accepted at a lot of online roulette sites, players will see that it is also accepted at bingo and lottery sites.

It can also be used at dating sites, poker sites, and even some shopping sites. Many industry experts think it is only a matter of time before UKash becomes as common as PayPal.

How We Found the Best UKash Roulette Sites

Our team of experts has rated and reviewed all the online Roulette casinos accepting UKash that do business in Canada. After testing out how well UKash works on each, noting the reliability, speed and overall experience, we rank all of the sites and present them here.

We also take into consideration many other factors including the site's reputation, software, and welcome bonus when ranking sites. By going through each site and conducting a hands-on test with each one using UKash, we've found which ones are the best casino sites and rated them in order for your convenience.


What is UKash?

Ukash is the private way to fund your online roulette gambling, eliminating the need to ever enter your financial information, providing unmatched security and safety through prepaid eWallet accounts and unique UKash codes.

How does it work?

To acquire UKash, simply visit one of the many UKash locations in Canada. If a retailer isn't available, you can also purchase UKash online. If you go to a retail location, you have the option to fund your UKash account with cold hard cash, meaning there's absolutely no digital trail of your financial activity. Once you hand the cashier your money, they'll produce a 19-digit UKash code that you can redeem at online Canadian roulette casinos.

Does it allow online roulette play?

Yes, UKash is an incredibly popular way to gamble online, and that obviously includes the fascinating game of real money roulette for both European and American versions. Remember, you don’t deposit cash at a specific table. Instead, you fund your casino account using UKash. Once loaded, you can take your bankroll to any game you choose, including online roulette.

Is it safe to use?

Perhaps the safest eWallet as your private information is never input online. With UKash, your digit code is anonymous, the ultimate firewall in combatting theft.

How fast are the money transfers?

When you enter your 19-digit UKash code at your favourite online roulette casino, your funds will be immediately available for wagering. There's no delay or waiting with UKash.

How do they compare with other methods?

UKash is comparable to other prevalent eWallet third-party payment processors, but it comes with the distinct advantage of offering true anonymity should you acquire your UKash with Canadian cash.

What fees are involved?

UKash does charge for the convenience of depositing and generating the 19-digit codes. This typically ranges between three to six percent of your transfer, meaning a $100 UKash code will actually cost you $103-$106, not bad for the ultimate in peace and security.